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my recent filming work

I am a filmmaker and landscape time lapse enthusiast.
Capturing the beauty of landscapes and clouds is my passion.
I love to travel and take photos of my journeys. Particularly using the panorama format..

A few years ago I began to experiment with time lapse photography. For me time lapse is the perfect combination of both photography and video. Shooting time lapse footage is very time-consuming, but extremely rewarding when you capture something beautiful that was hidden to the naked eye.

Check out all my videos at   Vimeo.

September, 2015
Short Timelapse Reel 2015

Shot entirely in Ultra HD 4K resolution, this short time lapse film was shot in Utah 2015.
Utah is a landscape photographers paradise and home of the most iconic landscapes on Earth.
America the beautiful !

June, 2015
Timelapse Showreel #1

This is a collection of some of my time lapse photography over the last two years.
All images were shot on GoPro 3 BE, Color corrected with Magic Bullet and NewBlue and edited in GoPro Studio and finally in Magix VdL2013.
Filmed in Germany and USA (Southwest).

November, 2014

In fall 2014 we went on an 3 weeks roadtrip from Vancouver, BC to Los Angeles across the USA. What we saw was stunning again. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people, different weather, nice clouds..

Here are some timelapse impessions..



■ PANASONIC HC-V707M (1080/50p videos to enjoy the progressive video with nice details) with external Røde Microphone
■ GoPro Hero 3BE (nice time-lapse shots in 4K (Ultra HD))
■ 3x Xiaomi Yi (1080p at 60fps via a 16MP Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor)


■ DJI Phantom Quadrokopter Version 1.1.1 with Walkera-Gimbal
■ Zhiyun Z1-Rider (3-axis handheld Gimbal)
■ Feiyu Tech G3 Steadycam (Handheld brushless 2-axis camera mount for GoPro)
■ motrr Galileo (an app-driven, motorized mount that lets you control the orientation of your iPhone or GoPro)

.. and a lot of accessories (lens, gimbals, mounts..)

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usa, usa !

Road trips across america..

”I’m just super afraid of not being in the right place.
There are a thousands of places I could be and then I have to chose one.
That’s just so mean.”

Mads Damsgaards aka Reptile Youth

Durch die Südstaaten

12 Bundesstaaten | 19 Tage

Im September ging es ab Chicago über St.Louis/Missouri nach Graceland (Elvis Presley!!) in Memphis/Tennessee weiter durch Arkansas und Mississippi nach New Orleans in Louisiana, an der Golfküste in Florida entlang durch Alabama zur Ostküste nach Jacksonville in Florida und Savannah in Georgia nach Atlanta, durch die Great Smoking Mountains in North Carolina nach Nashville und über Kentucky und Indianapolis in Indiana zurück nach Chicago in Illinois.

Through the Rocky Mountains

4065 Kilometer von Denver, Colorado über Utah und Arizona nach Nevada und Kalifornien.
Wir besuchten den Garden of Gods Park, wanderten durch den heißen Sand der Great Sand Dunes, fuhren über den Million Dollar Highway, sahen uns den Arches Nationalpark, den Dead Horse Point State Park und den Canyonlands Park an, durchquerten das Grand Staircase Escalante Gebiet, waren im Little White Horse Canyon und durften den Waterholes Canyon der Navajo Indianer bewundern und sahen uns den Zion Park von oben und das Valley of Fire im Sonnenuntergang an und Downtown Las Vegas mit neuer Erfahrung.

Wüste, Steine, Indianer

Über 5800 Kilometer, 2 Mietwagen, 20 Tage, 5 Bundesstaaten, 2 Zeitzonen, 14 Hotels, 11 Nationalparks,4 State Parks.. unzählige Eindrücke. Diesmal ging es von Los Angeles in Kalifornien über Palm Springs durch den Joshua Tree Nationalpark nach Scottsdale/Phoenix. Hier unternahmen wir eine Ballonfahrt über die Wüste und fuhren weiter über Sedona/Arizona und Flagstaff zum Grand Canyon. Wir besuchten den Meteor Crater bei Winslow, den Petrified Forest und das Painted Desert, das El Rancho Hotel an der alten Route 66 in Gallup/New Mexico, sahen uns den Window Rock im Land der Navajo-Indianer an, den Canyon de Chelly Nationalpark, mal wieder den Horseshoe Bend, den Lower Antelope Canyon und den Lake Powell.
Im grandiosen Monument Valley waren wir bei Filmaufnahmen dabei, besuchten den Goosenecks Park und den Canyonlands Nationalpark, übernachteten am Colorado River und waren vom Arches Nationalpark, dem malerischen Capital Reef Park und dem kleinen Goblin Valley begeistert, sahen uns nochmal den Bryce Canyon und Zion Nationalpark an, waren in Las Vegas, dem heißen Valley of Fire und Death Valley, bevor unsere Reise wieder in Los Angeles endete.

Best of West

Über 4300 Kilometer mit dem Auto, 4 Bundesstaaten, 6 Nationalparks, mal 86 Meter unter dem Meeresspiegel und mal über 3000 Meter, verschiedenen Klima- und Zeitzonen, bei über 40 Grad und knapp 0, mal in der Wüste, mal unter Palmen, mal inmitten von Nadel- und Laubwäldern, so erlebten wir den Westen der USA auf unserer ersten Reise. Dieses Land ist beeindruckend. Ein großes Land voller Naturschönheiten...

on the Filming Locations

Als ich ein Kind war, sah ich im Fernsehen in zahlreichen Hollywoodfilmen ein großartiges und faszinierendes Land..
Endlose Weite, grandiose Berge, Felsen und Schluchten, schnurgerade Straßen..
Nun war ich selbst dort.

To the locations

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Photography + techniques

Photography and filming is another reason to travel. I like to shoot clouds, sunrises and sunsets, nature.. landscapes!!
Mainly using the wide-angle panorama format and 360° spherical format with the motorized motrr Galileo.

360° spheres

There are two main spherical formats: Equirectangular (like the picture below) and Cubic.
Both are able to display the whole sphere that surrounds us.. 360° along the horizon, 90° up and 90° down.
My favorite app sphere and the motorized mount Galileo lets automatically capture seamless 360° photos.. but 45° up and down.

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360° Panorama

Whether you're looking at a majestic mountain vista (or similar), you just might need more than what can fit into a single frame to capture the moment.
Here are some photos taken with my iPod5 by using the DMD Panorama application and the Galileo by motrr.

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America has stunning National Parks and you`ll find many of the most impressive USA Parks in the South West.
Here`s a small collection of my best panoramic photographs taken with my iPod5 by using the panorama feature.

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USA Panorama

Hyperlapse by instragram

Time-lapse is a video technique where the frequency at which your film frames are captured is much lower than the time needed to view the footage you recorded. So when you play a time-lapsed version of a busy street corner, the cars, people, and clouds will all seem to be moving at a hyper-fast speed.

Hyperlapse by instragram allows you to take time-lapse videos, without the need for fancy, expensive equipment. It's really easy to use, and has a beautiful interface. You push one button to record the video, and then speed it up to various degrees using a separate button.
The stabilization technology is really fascinating (it uses the gyroscope in your smartphone to stabilize any shaky video).

I′ve actually been using Hyperlapse a bit differently than its primary design. Of course, it′s awesome for time-lapse, but I′ve discovered you can use it for the Bullit time visual effect (like in 'The Matrix′ movie.)

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I've never been in Madame Tussauds !

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